About Us

Horsham Special School was established in 1988, with a move to its current site in early 2013. It has grown from very humble beginnings to a current enrolment of 73 and expanding. Horsham Special School has a wide enrolment base, drawing from the local area to as far as the South Australian border including Nhill, Dimboola, Kaniva, Goroke, Edenhope and Serviceton.

Our Visions

Celebrating Diverse Abilities - We believe that every student, staff and community member is unique, with skills and talents to offer the local and global community in which we live.

Our Mission

To encourage and enable all students, staff and the school community to achieve their full potential in a safe, caring and stimulating learning and social environment, and to promote Horsham Special School in the wider community.

Our Values

The Horsham Special School Values:

Be Kind

o   Show Respect

Be Safe

o   Act Responsibly

Be Your Best

o   Have Resilience


Horsham Special School provides educational programs for students aged 5-18 years displaying mild; moderate and severe diagnoses associated with cognitive, physical, social, emotional, behavioural, sensory and multiple disabilities. The school provides for all students facilities to conduct practical, therapeutical and specialised educational programs.